Grade Five Art: Gaining Confidence in the Creative Process

Grade Five Art is an exploratory class where students are able to gain confidence in the creative process, from idea, through sketchbook planning and research, to the project and finally on to reflection. Four major projects covers skills in drawing, painting, color theory, sculpture, mixed media, and perspective. Students dive deeper into their own understanding of the elements of art and principles of design, often making connections to personal expression, cultural/historical styles of artists, and critique. Students gain self esteem while creating personally relevant works of art. This is a fun class, aimed at encouraging each individual student to surpass their own artistic expectations. Painting by Leah, 2013

  • June 2017
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Students become more proficient at using pencil, colored pencils, oil pastels, and ink. Drawing by Suriyna, 2013


Students create personally and culturally relevant acrylic paintings, exploring unique color palettes. Acrylic painting by Mathilde, 2013


Students explore and apply the three basic building methods for working with clay. Ceramic vessel by Aiden 2013